Blue Mountains Adventure Company

Blue Mountains Adventure Company

Adventuring in Sydney's Backyard


Abseil into a Natural Amphitheatre!

We firmly believe that exploring natural places in the outdoors is really important. Check out our tours!
posted: 3:46pm 13 Mar 2018

Welcome to the Blue Mountains Adventure Company

One hundred kilometres west of Sydney, NSW, Australia lies one of nature's most magnificent creations, the World Heritage area of the Blue Mountains.

Endless stretches of sandstone cliffs, dramatic waterfalls and hidden canyons, a landscape of stunning natural beauty.

It provides a fantastic environment for the thrilling adventure activities of abseiling, canyoning, rockclimbing, mountain biking and bushwalking - a lifetime's worth of adventuring is to be had in Sydney's backyard!


Abseiling, or rappelling as it is known in North America and much of Europe, is commonly practised the world over as a method of descending a rope in a safe and controlled manner. As well as being a fun activity in itself, abseiling skills can be applied to a variety of applications, from descending canyons and cliffs to industrial applications and rescue purposes.


Canyoning is the perfect summer adventure and often involves a variety of activities including swimming, wading, jumping into pools ('waterjumps'), abseiling through waterfalls, bushwalking and scrambling over rocks and boulders. The grandeur and pristine beauty of the canyons almost defies description. Carved over millions of years by the relentless action of running water, these geological treasures are unique to the Blue Mountains of NSW. Weak swimmers can be provided with flotation devices (prior notice necessary). Backpacks, dry bags, abseiling equipment, lunch, NPWS entry fee and full length wetsuits are included for all canyons.


Rockclimbing is about balance, concentration and self confidence. Age and fitness is no barrier. It is about controlled moves, planned in advance and purposefully applied. Blue Mountains Adventure Company offers a variety of rockclimbing tours to suit all levels of experience, from the novice to those that already climb extreme grades.

All rockclimbing courses are held in the beautiful Blue Mountains at a range of sites including Mt. York, Mt. Piddington, Zig Zag, Narrow Neck or the Wolgan Valley by experienced certified guides.


Bushwalking is the Australian term for hiking, tramping, trekking, rambling, traipsing and more. Come on a magnificent walk in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area; explore spectacular locations and make delightful discoveries away from the highway and town centre. While wandering past spectacular lookouts your guide will share local secrets and interpret the unique environment for you. Stunning scenery, astounding landforms, unique wildlife and interesting vegetation, historical sites: Come, see, walk, breathe.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains have long held a fascination for those with an adventurous spirit. For anyone willing to venture a little further than the average tourist the rewards are fantastic. Beyond the lookouts is a world of rugged grandeur — towering orange and grey cliffs, rocky pinnacles, streams which suddenly plummet into dark, hidden canyons, and vast convoluted mazes of ridges and gullies. There are many ways of exploring this magnificent region, from simple bushwalking to abseiling, rockclimbing, liloing and bush cycling.

These outdoor activities have a remarkable effect on people. After returning to their day to day lives refreshed and revived, most people experience a sense of renewed confidence in themselves.

What We Do

We are technical specialists in abseiling, rock climbing, canyoning, bushwalking and navigation. Our well qualified and experienced staff also have a range of skills in other areas. Our portfolio of work also includes:

corporate training and development
camping and other overnight programs
special events and film and tv work
survival courses and gear hire
mountain bike tours and advanced training
outdoor program consulting (risk, design, and more)
outdoor adventure staff employment agency

Blue Mountains Adventure Company is fully licensed with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Blue Mountains City Council, and all other relevant land managers. We have a $10million Public Liability Insurance Policy and an excellent safety record.Abseiling

Blue Mountains Adventure Company

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