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Rapid Building and Pest Inspections

Expert inspectors: our inspectors are all qualified tradesmen and licensed pest inspectors. Call now.
posted: 11:26am 31 Jan 2020

Number 1 in pre-purchase building and pest inspections!

Looking for a comprehensive pre purchase inspection in Sydney but don’t want to spend a fortune? We’ll send a local industry recognised RBI expert to inspect your property. At Rapid, every inspector is a licensed builder for at least five years. Your inspector will zero in on any potentially expensive problems and provide a concise condition report to assist in your purchase decision.

Here’s what makes us stand out.

All RBI inspectors are Qualified pest inspectors:
Our inspectors follow the Australian best practice in pest inspection and are trained and qualified according to the Australia inspection standards AS4349.1-2010 and AS4349.3. We are authorised to conduct pest inspections throughout Australia.

Members of the Australian Institute of Building Consultants (IBC):
We are active members of the IBC and regularly meet to improve our capability in building inspections, timber pest inspections and pre-purchase inspections reports.

Fully insured with professional indemnity insurance – AD451001336LIAB:
All our work comes with professional indemnity insurance of up to $5,000,000. We won’t need it, but isn’t it nice to know you’re covered if something does happen.

Our Triple Guarantee
We’re proud to offer our iron clad triple guarantee. You’ll be more than satisfied when working with us.

Guaranteed Lowest Price:
Our Business model means we can provide the best price in each region. If you can find a lower comparable price, send us a copy of the written quote and we will price match it! Check the website for pricing. 

Guaranteed Turnaround Time:
You’ll get your report within 24-hours of the inspection being completed and if you don’t, we will give your money back. But just because we’re fast, doesn’t mean we cut corners. Every report has to pass a stringent quality review from head office before it’s sent to you.

Guaranteed Latest Technology:
Our expert RBI inspectors carry the Termatrac T3i and Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus. These devices can precisely detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites without needing to physically penetrate any walls, floors or ceilings and more importantly, it won’t disrupt or displace termite activity.

*1 The price must be for the exact same services that we are offering, with the same equipment in the same geographical region.

*2 No refund will be applicable if payment for the report has not been received within 24 hours of completing the inspection.

*3 While all RBI inspectors carry thermal sensor and moisture detection devices, these devices are only deployed where the inspectors identifies conducive conditions and further investigation is warranted. 

*4 The 24-hours guarantee applies on completion of the inspection.


Rapid Building Inspections Pty Ltd

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Rapid Building and Pest InspectionsExpert inspectors: our inspectors are all qualified tradesmen and licensed pest inspectors. Call now.View Rapid Building Inspections Pty Ltd »