Australian Chef Returns Home after Winning Popular Italian Cooking TV Show

Source: Alpha Consulting
Posted: 5 Mar 2019
Australian chef Valter Di Cecco has returned to Australia after winning prestigious Italian cooking TV show Il Ristorante Degli Chef
A talented Australian chef has returned home after finding fame in Europe through winning popular Italian TV cooking show Il Ristorante Degli Chef.

The program, which airs on Italian TV station Rai 2, showcases some of Italy’s best chefs and this year Australian born Valter Di Cecco came out on top.

Valter, who grew up in Leichhardt in Sydney says he is delighted to have won the show and is happy to be bringing his experience back to Australia.

“It was such an honour to be named Winner of Il Ristorante Degli Chef this year. Living in Rome and participating in the show was such a fantastic experience which helped boost my creativity and helped me grow so much as a chef,” says Valter.

“I’m a little wog boy from Leichhardt in Sydney who grew up with a bit of an identity crisis. But this is what made the difference in winning the show. It’s my cultural fusion that helped me stand out. Moving to Italy allowed me to connect with my heritage and winning Il Ristorante Degli Chef also made me realise how lucky I am to have been raised in Australia.”

“Australia is a multicultural country with a vibrant food and restaurant scene that showcases exceptional home grown produce as well as flavours and cuisines from across the globe.”

“Growing up in Australia I learnt not only traditional Italian cooking techniques but also to embrace different ingredients and cultures to enhance the flavour of my dishes. Italians tend to shy away from using spices in cooking which gave me a big advantage in the competition. I demonstrated that by adding a simple ingredient such as smoked paprika to a classic dish like Carbonara you can enhance the flavour and take the dish to the next level.”

“It’s no secret that Australians love Italian cuisine and there are so many great Italian and European chefs moving to Australia to work in and open restaurants. Australia has some of the best food in the world right now and it’s been wonderful to showcase some of this to audiences in Europe. I learnt so much from my time on the show and living in Europe and I look forward to sharing this with people in Australia,” adds Valter.

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