Gavin Bowles releases debut album 'This Year's Modern'

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Archived 23 Jan 2021 - Posted: 24 Nov 2020
Following on from the single releases of The Daily Grind and Apartmentality, Blue Mountains-based troubadour Gavin Bowles has released his debut album 'This Year’s Modern'...and it could not have come at a more poignant time.

Written during a year of urban apartment bliss, financial struggles and on a steady diet of beer and coffee, This Year’s Modern encapsulates the many moods, quandaries and adversities one might face as a young, modern ne'er-do-well and takes aim at the frivolousness of life in 2020, but not without having a little fun in the process.

Musically the songs bounce between the frenetic energy of opener Modern Rage, the slinky groove of Apartmentality and the rockabilly swagger of Slave. This Year's Modern is a unique blend of indie rock, rockabilly and power-pop styles (driven by backing band The Distractions) and ponders how to cope in the modern world, always with a guitar lick and smirk in tow.

Gavin Bowles has made a name for himself over the past decade as an accomplished songwriter and performer thanks to several national tours, considerable community radio play, a number of residencies and also as frontman for Sydney rock trio 'Picture Perfect', among various other projects.

More recently Gavin has established an exciting solo career. 2018 saw the release of his debut solo EP King of Nothing, described by Haze Mag as "...seamlessly walking into strut-worthy blues guitars / his lyrics convey the sophistication of a modern day hybrid of Paul Kelly and Elvis Costello". 2019 saw the release of single and video Slave - flaunting a rockabilly swagger, but rooted in indie-rock and pop sensibilities, Slave boasts a cool confidence and nonchalance, while lyrically pondering one's flaws and neuroses with wit, sarcasm and charm.

Over the past three years Gavin has moved between Melbourne, Sydney and the Blue Mountains – soaking up the atmospheres, sights, smells and sounds of differing urban and suburban living and music scenes. Gavin Bowles and The Distractions confidently exhibit a refined live show, toting songs of personal triumphs and tribulations and an idiosyncratic view on modern life. The release of This Year's Modern is the perfect way to cap off 2020 and jump head-first into 2021.


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