How Brand New Music Studio in Stanmore Plans to Improve Mental Wellbeing via the Connectivity of Music

Source: All Age Music
Archived 4 Apr 2019 - Posted: 6 Feb 2019
What is it that determines how we feel? This is an age old question that has forged several lifetimes worth of study for numerous Psychologists, Anthropologists, Sociologists and Psychiatrists, and frankly, we’re far from a conclusion.

However, after the emergence of recent scientific studies, one thing we do know is that actively engaging in playing a musical instrument has been shown to both strengthen awareness and sensitiveness for positive emotions (Croom [2012]),  and can also improve depression, anxiety, functional recovery and general quality of life (Leubner [2017], Raglio [2015]).

As a musician myself, the above isn’t surprising to me. The times in life I’ve felt the most content have been the times I’ve had my instrument in my hands, and I’m sure this feeling will resonate with a lot of other musicians out there. Even if you’ve never been involved in playing an instrument before, music will have touched your life in some way; think of the first concert you attended as a kid, the first dance at your wedding, or the first time a song made you cry. These are memories that will never leave us, and are inextricably linked to the emotive power of music.

At All Age Music, we realise the importance that music plays in peoples lives. No matter what your musical background is, we believe that by picking up an instrument, you can find a new level of passion and satisfaction that may previously have gone unnoticed. Besides just teaching you to play an instrument to the best of your abilities, we have a higher goal in mind; to enrich your life through the emotive, creative and connective power of music.

Not only do we focus on teaching kids to learn and grow through the power of music, we also run adult-specific classes, so that people of any age can experience the positive benefits of picking up an instrument. We’re firm believers in the fact that, no matter your age, it’s never too late to start on your musical journey. With short courses, group classes, private lessons, school holiday programs and much more on offer, whatever your style of learning is, we can cater to it.

Founder Sandra Lie had this to say:

“I built All Age Music upon the vision that every child and adult should have their life enriched by music. Through concept programs like Adult Glee Club and Get Your Music On, we hope to continually develop and challenge the mindsets of why people should make learning or playing music a regular part of their life routine.”

On Sunday February 17th, we are holding the Grand Opening for our new studio in Stanmore, NSW. Throughout the day there’ll be performances from current students and teachers of the school, giveaways, guest speakers, half price offers for trial lessons, goodie bags and refreshments. The opening is a great chance to meet the team, see the school, and take the first step towards embarking upon your musical journey. All Age is inviting everyone from the community to attend the Grand Opening, and we hope that our presence in Stanmore will have a positive impact on the musical endeavours the council is trying to promote.

All Age Music Stanmore Grand Opening

Sunday February 17th 2019

Level 1, 74 Parramatta Road, Stanmore

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