Madness, Mischief and Delight in Annandale

Source: Bonnie Curtis Projects
Archived 5 Apr 2020 - Posted: 19 Feb 2020
Photography by Adriana Mendivil, Dancers L-R Coti Cibils, Bridget McAllister, Kate Garrett, Kara Peake and Olivia Hadley
Madness. Mischief. Delight. A dream caused by the surrender of a butterfly into the fog. Enter the surreal world of Wonderland, created by award winning dance company Bonnie Curtis Projects.

Bonnie Curtis Projects is Sydney's daring indie dance company. BCP creates fun, interactive and unpredictable performances.

Escape from reality and journey into the surreal and bizarre when Wonderland premieres in Sydney in August. Presented at the heritage-listed Annandale Creative Arts Centre, Wonderland is the story of a surreal, alternate universe where you decide the story. This interactive and immersive experience takes you on an unreal adventure that suspends the limits of imagination and reality.

Led by its founder and namesake, Bonnie Curtis, the indie dance company is a diverse ensemble of performers that includes a showgirl, a former competitive Highland dancer, and a parkour artist, among 12 talented dancers.

The artistic director, Bonnie, says Wonderland allows the audience to escape from day to day life. “Wonderland is a world where the reality of its inhabitants is a little bizarre and somewhat ridiculous. I wanted to create a fun and interactive performance that takes the audience on a journey into the unknown, where imagination, curiosity and fun are encouraged. This is a world where things are definitely not what they seem.” Bonnie is inspired by her childhood imagination, where the impossible was possible. “Wonderland is inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dali, the feats of the human body, the bizarre world of Alice in Wonderland, along with the Choose Your Own Adventure and Goosebumps book series. These are all things that shaped my childhood and inspired my imagination as a child and young adult. As a child, I thought everything I saw was possible. I couldn’t understand why I was unable to replicate them when in books and tv, they were able to perform them so naturally. This left me yearning to find a way to make the unreal seem possible.”

On the themes of the work, Bonnie says “there are some darker thoughts and undertones in Wonderland, as there are in all of my works. It is part of being human. With this piece, I will leave it up to the audience to decide what those undertones are and what they mean to them. This is the second incarnation of Wonderland and it has changed somewhat since our first season. The recent events over summer left a lasting impact on me. Naturally this had an impact on the work as well. I have made the conscious choice to let those experiences guide the creative process.”

As the show begins, the audience enters Wonderland as a group. Throughout the evening, the audience is split up and taken on different journeys. Their journey takes them through surreal worlds where the real is unreal. The audiences’ path is determined by a seemingly innocent decision they make before the show begins. What path will you choose?

"An intense, powerful and intimate performance." - Sydney Arts Guide

"Wonderfully choreographed and executed… A very dark and nuanced depiction of the surreal.” - State Of The Art

"Fabulous, creative, thought provoking, funny and a little bit scary.” – Sarah, Audience Member


March 27 - April 5, 2020

7:30pm, 9pm (Approx. 60 mins run time)

Annandale Creative Arts Centre, 81 Johnston St, Annandale, NSW, 2038


  • Adult $29-$45 / Concession $25-$36 / Child $10-$18 / Group 6+ $25-$36
  • Earlybird tickets are on sale until February 28.
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