Xstatic Sunsets - The Largest Sober Dance Party to Hit Australia

Source: Xstatic Sunsets
Posted: 26 Feb 2019
On a mission to inspire a more healthy party culture and improve mental health.

Drugs and alcohol combined are responsible for nearly 1 in every 20 deaths, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). Abuse and addiction to recreational drugs and alcohol also strongly correlates to mental health concerns. At festivals alone, there have been six drug related deaths in New South Wales in the last six months. The problem is ingrained in the party culture which needs to become healthier.  But how do you shift a culture?

In a mission to change this, Xstatic Sunsets is launching the largest sober dance party in Australia that is fun, healthy and promotes the natural high without the need for alcohol or drugs. The all-inclusive family friendly event will hit Sydney’s Shark Island on the 6th of April 2019 and will give 800 party people the chance to dance as the sun goes down over spectacular harbour views.

Co-founder and dance floor starter, Jasper Vallance, started Xstatic Sunsets with a vision to help people be happier and healthier through dance, self-expression and connecting with others. Together with co-founder Steve Peacock, they aim to inspire a new party culture, which is inclusive, safe, healthy and fits better into peoples’ lifestyles. 

“As we know, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction contributes to anxiety and depression but on the flip side, dance, music and connecting with others can bring great joy, happiness and a natural high without needing anything,” says Jasper. “This inspired me to create a dance party that was so great you don’t need drugs and alcohol. Our goal is to simply inspire people to shift their mentality and realise that you don’t need to get ‘wasted’ to have a good time. People just need an amazing sober party where they can experience the natural high of happy chemicals (known as endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) that are released when a person dances hard enough for long enough. Imagine going out, dancing all day and being able to wake up Sunday not hungover to do what you love, that’s what we are all about.”

The dance extravaganza on Shark Island will take people on a six hour musical journey through the ages from the 60’s to now. Xstatic Sunsets’ launch party has collaborated with producers and four world-class DJs with over 100 plus years’ experience combined to create the ultimate party playlist. The headlining talent includes Phil Smart (twice voted into DJ Magazine’s prestigious list of the world’s Top 100 DJs), Shane SOS who has played in Ibiza and Burning Man for over 10 years along with dance facilitators including Shannon Dooley, Tommy Franklin, Rache Moore and Hayley Melrose. 

Xstatic Sunsets is an all ages inclusive event aiming to bring people back together to connect through music and dance. Unlike the typical party scene, sober parties are all about having fun with no judgement, drinking and eating food that actually nourishes the body and making the party about the people again and not about the substances.

To add to the fun, Xstatic Sunsets is a themed dress up party where party goers are encouraged to dress as their favourite decade or pop idol to help them to lose their inhibitions, express and connect with others.

While big parties have previously been banned on Shark Island, Xstatic Sunsets’ ‘leaving no trace’ mission to leave the locations like they were never touched has allowed them to give the people a party in a one-of-a-kind location.

The party begins on the boat as people are transported to Shark Island where the sober dance party extravaganza will take off at 1:30pm and go until the sun sets at around 7:30pm. Healthy food and drink stalls have been carefully selected to sell products that nourish hungry and thirsty dancers.  A range of creative workshops and health and wellness talks are also running throughout the day.

To support their main mission, Xstatic Sunsets will also be giving 10% of all party proceeds to mental health charities.

Australia’s Largest Sober Dance Party

Saturday 6th April 2019

1.30pm - 7.30pm

Shark Island, Sydney

Starting from $90 for adults and $50 for children aged 4-15 years old. Infants aged 3 years and under are free.


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