Sydney Harbour Bridge

The much loved Sydney Harbour Bridge is a major focal point of the city of Sydney, connecting the city's CBD to Sydney's north. The bridge is showered in colour on New Year's Eve showcasing spectacular fireworks as the city celebrates and welcomes in the new year.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Quick Facts:-

  • Construction: Steel arch bridge
  • Spans across Sydney Harbour
  • Sydney CBD to Sydney’s North Shore
  • Nickname = The Coat Hanger
  • Around 8 years to build
  • Opened 19 March 1932
  • Height = 134m (440 ft) from top to water
  • Arch Span = 503m (1650ft)
  • Pedestrians can walk across via a footpath
  • 8 lanes of traffic (Bradfield Highway)
  • 2 railway tracks (North Shore Line)
  • Dedicated bike path
  • Length = 2.4 km (1.5 miles) long
  • Weight = 39,006 tonnes
  • Six million hand-driven rivets
  • A pair of concrete and granite pylons stand at each end = 89 m (292 ft) high
  • South East Pylon: Museum, Pylon Lookout (admission fees apply)
  • South West Pylon: Base for CCTV cameras used by Roads and Traffic Authority
  • Northern Pylons: Sydney Harbour Tunnel venting chimneys

Getting Around

  • The closest railway station to the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the CBD side of the city is Circular Quay. Entrance to the Bridge is via Cumberland Street, The Rocks. You can walk across the bridge to Milsons Point.
  • On north side of the bridge is Milsons Point railway station. If you wish to walk across the bridge from the city you can take either a train or ferry back to Circular Quay from Milsons Point.
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