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Delivering Quality in the NDIS

Start:Tue 27 Feb 2018
End:Wed 28 Feb 2018
AUD 3599
Surviving and thriving in the NDIS is intrinsically linked with the ability to understand and deliver quality to the consumer. With the early 2018 establishment of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission drawing attention to the policy side, successful organizations are proactively and critically looking further into their understanding, measurement and delivery of quality.

The Delivering Quality in the NDIS Conference will address the following tough questions:
- What does quality actually look like to the consumer?
- How do we measure the impact of what we are delivering?
- Do we understand the true unit cost of delivering quality - are our models financially sustainable?
- How do we develop a model to focus on our strengths?
- Can we differentiate the quality of our services via our marketing and communications?
- What actions can we take right now to improve the quality of our service?

Who will attend?
Senior executives & management from disability support providers with responsibility for:
- Quality assurance/systems
- Strategic business development
- Risk & compliance
- Customer experience
- Service delivery
- NDIS transition

Standard Delegate Rates AUD 2599
Commercial Solutions Provider AUD 3599

Speakers: Torien Lau, Melissa Webster, Karen Major, Mark Fenton
Sydney Boulevard Hotel, 90 William Street, Sydney
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