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Expired Event - The Illusionists: Direct From Broadway - 19 Dec 2018

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The Illusionists: Direct From Broadway

Every day until Sat 29 Dec 2018
Child from $39, Adult from $59
This year, The Illusionists: Direct From Broadway will continue to redefine magic and challenge audience expectations with large-scale stunts, levitation, mindreading, disappearance and daredevilry. This non-stop show is thrilling and sophisticated magic at its best, led by eight of the world’s most talented magicians and artists:

• The Trickster, aka Jeff Hobson, whose unique brand of comedy magic leaves audiences laughing long after the curtain goes down

• The Mentalist, aka Chris Cox, a multi-award-winning mind-manipulator whose mischievous sense of magic and wonder has been seen by over 300,000 people internationally

• Brisbane-born Robyn Sharpe, aka The Warrior; an ex-gymnast whose thrilling crossbow act has been described as “one of the most dynamic and dazzling danger displays in the world”

• The Inventor, aka Kevin James, a prolific innovator and consultant of magic who has contributed to many famous tricks including illusions by Penn & Teller, Mark Wilson and David Copperfield

• The Showman, aka Mark Kalin, has been one of the most influential magicians of the last decade, bringing his distinctive, amazing large scale illusions to stages across the world

• The Conjuress, aka Jinger Leigh, is a modern sorceress with a unique blend of elegance and theatricality, which has redefined the role of the magician

• Korean-born An Ha Lim, aka The Manipulator, whose slight-of-hand routine is widely regarded as one of the most masterful performances in the world

• The Daredevil, aka British escape artist Jonathan Goodwin. He has been hanged, buried alive, dangled by his toes from helicopters, burned at the stake, and even attacked by sharks to name just a few of his terrifying stunts.

Combining the showmanship of the Harry Houdini era with contemporary stunts, visual effects and cutting-edge technology, The Illusionists: Direct From Broadway is an unmissable summer experience for the whole family.
Concert Hall,
Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point,
Sydney, NSW 2000
Sydney Opera House on
  (02) 9250 7777

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