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Four Effective Ways To Improve The World

Fri 27 Sep 2019
We all desire a better world but when it comes to action, what should we do?

To explore this question we invite you to join us for our keynote dinner in a room full of change-makers followed by talks and a panel Q&A from some of our most exciting speakers from the EAGxAustralia conference.

6pm: Dinner + Chats:
Enjoy a scrumptious dinner (catered by Super Bean, plant-based) and mingle with like-minded people. Menu includes: Tofu Butter Chicken, Panang Curry, Peanut Stir- Fry.

7pm: Talks + Q&A:
- Julia Wise from The Centre for Effective Altruism will tell her personal story of trying to do good in the world and the journey she’s taken while trying to do the most good she can with her life.
- Then we will have four fantastic speakers, each pitching a promising way of doing good:
– Michael Faye, GiveDirectly, Founder: introduces cash transfers as an effective way of directly helping those most in need.
– Michael Plant, Happier Lives Institute, Founder: makes the case for directly measuring and optimising for happiness and mental health interventions as a promising path to improving lives.
– Tilman Ruff, Monash University, Nobel Laureate: puts forward the case for preventing the possibility of nuclear war as a way of preventing catastrophe.
– Jade Leung, Future of Humanity Institute, Head of Research & Partnerships: demonstrates the value of good governance and collaboration with the world-changing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.
- Following these four pitches we’ll have a moderated panel Q&A.

9pm: Drinks + Chats:
- Join us at The Royal Hotel for some refreshments and some spirited discussion!
Sydney University Abercrombie Business School
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