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Expired Event - THE MAKING OF SASHA FEIN by Rob Selzer - 17 Jun 2021

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Every day until Sat 19 Jun 2021
Full $40 / Senior $35 / Students $20
Moira Blumenthal continues to expand the momentum of Jewish Theatre in Sydney with OUR SECOND STAGE 2021, a program designed to develop new ideas and new scripts derived from the community.

Over June, July and August OUR SECOND STAGE 2021 will bring three dramatized play-readings to the stage. The first is a play in further development, THE MAKING OF SASHA FEIN by Rob Selzer that will be presented at ARA Darling Quarter Theatre from 17 to 19 June; followed by two new plays - HER BRILLIANT CAREER by Alice Spigelman and LETTERS FROM A TROUBLED PAST in 2 Acts. Act 1 - Torn Apart by War, Separated by Confusion by Vic Alhadeff and Act 2 - Letters of Loss and Refuge - The Schwab’s story in the shadow of the Holocaust.

THE MAKING OF SASHA FEIN is the story of Sandy Fein who for sixty years has kept a secret, a secret he is determined will follow him to the grave. All that changes the day he buries his elderly mother and some of her old mementos threaten to expose the truth. At the same time, his grand-daughter persuades him to be part of her family-tree project, and picks at the threads of his past as well as the strings of his heart. A story of shame, loss, intergenerational ties, and the unbreakable bonds of family. THE MAKING OF SASHA FEIN is a beautiful telling of how a dark secret can pull a family apart or bring them back together.

Rob Selzer - Playwright
From his years working as a psychiatrist, Rob learned the power of the spoken word to transform people’s lives. Leaving clinical practice for a literary career he’s won a number of awards for his stage plays and other pieces, while writing magazine articles and enjoying other creative pursuits. Writing The Making of Sasha Fein was an act of love for his sister-in-law Anita, and her father, on whom the protagonist in the play is based. Rob was keen to explore several themes: how families talk to each other about unspeakable horrors, and how the past can metastasize to the present. And most importantly - Hope. One is never too old to have hope that things can be different.
ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, Terrace 3, 1-25 Harbour Street
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