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Every day until Sun 28 Aug 2022
ETERNITYLAND, a multi-room, pop up destination which invites the audience into a fantastical world where the lines between spectator and participant are blurred. This immersive and interactive experience combines large-scale surreal set design, with theatrical storytelling, circus, burlesque, art, live music, drinks and fun!
Designed as a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’, participants enter ETERNITYLAND in small groups, following their curiosity as they travel through each room, encountering wacky characters and activities based on the myths and legends of heroes and heroism. There are monsters to battle, costumes to make, secret bars to find, temptations to avoid (or indulge in) and general chaos to navigate through, forming a parallel universe of all things wondrous and unexpected.
How you chose to play is up to you. You might want to get in on the action, or simply sit back and watch. You might want to read all the clues and find out what’s really going on, or you might want to take lots of photos of yourself! Whatever you decide, an adventure awaits. Will you heed the call and step into the unexpected?

ETERNITYLAND is suitable for ages 15+. Your visit may contain adult themes, nudity, simulated violence, coarse language, alcohol (for ages 18+), dark and/or tight spaces and startling sounds.
Shop 20/300 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo
Harriet Cheney on
  +61 422 983 582

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