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2022 Tradie Beer Night

Thu 13 Oct 2022
Drink beer and make money at the same time.

About this event

You’ll have a fun night at Trades Beer Night. You’ll get to hang out with fellow tradies, build some great relationships and enjoy a cold beer (or three). That’s the beer part.

While you’re at it, you’ll learn how to better understand how your fleet is being used, so you can slash your overheads. That’s the money part.

What’s better than bonding over beer? Accompanying the beer with an informative exchange. Have a fun night at Trades Beer Night with fellow tradies and enjoy conversations with people who have a similar lifestyle to you. It’s almost like a party but you also learn how to improve your organisational technology in a fun easy environment.

You get an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and make connections that go beyond just the event. Additionally, you learn to take back control of your device with Teletrack’s services. Know more about asset management and be in-charge of your business.

We’ll help you build awareness so you don’t have to know a lot about technology, we will guide you along the way! It will also help you reset the existing processes in a structured manner for efficient functioning within tradie organisations such as yours.

About Teletrack:
Teletrack is a Telematics company that helps asset owners better understand how their fleet is being used. We fit GPS devices to cars, trucks, machines and other assets so companies can remotely monitor and control their usage among other fascinating features that can be used.

Our integrated hardware and software solutions work on all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, allowing you to remotely monitor or restrict their usage, automatically mandate pre-start checklists, and diagnose issues off-site.

Our software options include almost all areas of expertise including asset intelligence, pre-starts, driver ID, and asset maintenance. To facilitate these, our hardware options include battery trackers, wired-in trackers, and advanced fault code reading trackers.
Woolpack Hotel
19 George Street
Parramatta, NSW 2150
Man-Ju Lu on
  02 9113 7245

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