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Eulogiser Bunny

Every day until Fri 29 Sep 2023
Eulogiser Bunny blends comedy and performance art in a 60 minute show.

After his demise, you will be in attendance for the funeral and eulogy of Cameron Ribbons. Led by your favourite resident clergyman, Pastor Fastor. You'll go along the journey that was Cameron's life and what made him an idiosyncratic member of society.

There'll be dancing, music, touching words from those who loved him most (That's where you come in), maybe even a bear.

All of that PLUS you'll bare witness of one of Australia's, nay, the worlds greatest murder mysteries. Who knows, maybe the perpetrator will be amongst you. ooOOooOOoOoo Foreshadowing.

Come and check out this fun, explorative, fourth-wall breaking show that will hopefully have you loving a man you never even knew.
Factory Theatre
Sydney Fringe on
  02 7813 4527

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